Easter Greetings

HE is RISEN!  HE is risen INDEED!

Happy Easter to you all.

Jesus Christ is ALIVE!

As I write this letter the sun is shining, and the buds are breaking out on the trees in my garden. The cherry blossom is in full bloom and the purple buds on the magnolia tree are just beginning to break. There are wonderful signs of hope all around us, the green blade rises from the seemingly dead seed.

I wonder what the garden was like on the glorious Day of Resurrection, when Jesus rose from the dead? Did Mary Magdalen notice the carpet of green grass, the delicate pinks of Geranium and Saxifraga: the bold purples of the Violas: the striking yellow of the trumpet flower, velvet to the touch, did she notice them through her veil of tears?

And then Jesus calls her name, “Mary” and she rushes to embrace him, though she cannot.

Now it wouldn’t matter if the garden were covered in sparkling jewels for she only has eyes and ears for her Lord. The waves of emotion that cover her from head to foot – from the depths of abject despair to the heights of elation all wrapped up in wonder and love.

Jesus tells her to go and tell the disciples that he has arisen and will meet with them soon.

I wonder if her feet touch the ground as she speeds away with wings on her heels. Such joy!

And we should be joyous too, for Jesus, our wonderful, lovefull Jesus, has broken sin’s power over us: we are forgiven and reconciled to God. Death is no more. We have life in all its fullness: life eternal: risen with Christ.

Jesus Christ is risen today – and so are we.

Bless you all.




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