Currently 14 local schools in Ludlow and the surrounding area are supported by ecumenical teams who lead schools assemblies, approximately every two weeks. The organisation behind this venture is called Acts 2, and most of the teams now use Open the Book materials published by The Bible Society and approved for use in schools


In addition to the regular visits to schools we also invite them to attend a series of ‘Experience’ sessions to coincide with the major Christian festivals. Experience Easter and Experience Pentecost have been running for a few years, and shortly Experience Resurrection will be added to the portfolio. These three programmes rotate every three years, and attract between 300 and 400 children to sessions held at the Methodist, Anglican and Elim churches. In addition Experience Christmas has been used by a smaller number of schools from time to time.

If you would like to become involved in this exciting work please use the e-mail link under Contact us to express your interest, and someone will get back to you.





















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