Ludlow Methodist Church supports Fairtrade which focuses not only on improving life for people in Ludlow, but also in the developing world. There are three strands to ‘Fairtrade’ (these are the criteria which products with a FT Logo have to meet)
• ensuring farmers in developing countries are given a fair price for their produce along with long term contracts;
• ensuring products are produced in an environmentally sensitive way
• making sure that there is investment going into local communities for example to improve standards of health and education


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Buying a product which is fair-trade certified also guarantees that it has been produced under good labour conditions and no child labour (this is not specific to just Fairtrade but is part of the whole picture). Ludlow has had a fair-trade presence since 1986 (long before the FT Mark came into being) through Traidcraft in the Ludlow Mascall Centre (link). The town has had formal ‘Fairtrade Town’ status since 2003.

Wesley’s café uses a range of fair-trade products where possible and has Traidcraft catalogues and a limited range of products for sale.

The Fairtrade Foundation are currently running a number of online seminars etc which may be of interested


In addition the Fairtrade group have just launched a new website.  This is it
















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