Regrettably the charity known as Traidcraft went out of business during 2023. However fairly traded goods are widely available in many places. Ludlow Methodist Church aims to use fairly traded products whenever it can.

Over the years, Traidcraft has done incredible work with smaller producer groups; going the extra mile by helping them find a route to market where no one else could or would. Thanks to Traidcraft, there are now much better standards and procedures in place to protect the rights and dignity of growers and producers all over the world. Traidcraft was the pioneer for products such as Fairtrade wine, fair trade rubber for gloves, fair trade charcoal and fair trade palm oil. 

The mission to combat trade injustice and poverty is far from complete but the fair trade movement that now exists is big and robust enough to stand the rigours of the market today and into the future.

Ludlow Fairtrade Town Group is continuing to promote Fairtrade certified, fairly traded and ethical goods in Ludlow and hope to produce an update of the Fairtrade and Ethical shopping guide, both in print and on our website:
















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